About us

Sharestarter is a global movement of people taking action towards better resource access, less waste and reducing overconsumption. For many years, hundreds of decentralized communities worldwide have been tired of individualism, economic models damaging the planet and creating inequalities. We've joined forces to create new models of sharing. ShareStarter original website was started and curated by Gene from Myturn, since 2013. As the movement and Myturn grows, lending libraries organized themselves to continue his work. We developed this website to help start and run lending libraries and foster collaboration across the planet. With it, tool libraries can improve and learn from each other. Please contribute with your knowledge and experience.

Let’s make the world a better place, one city and lending library at a time.

Our Values


The climate crisis is already here. We care about enabling organizations who reduce impact and promote the transition.


The challenges are massive. We will only make it as a group by exchanging best practices, tips, existing work and contacts.


We believe a sense of community and purpose is crucial for striving humans. Together, let's build more opportunities for sharing!

The Team

Robert Stitelmann
Project Leader

Robert is the founder of La Manivelle in Geneva (Switzerland) and has long been passionate about the transition economy and sustainability.

Gabrielle Lods

Gabrielle is the founder of Green Change. She is committed to creating and supporting impact projects worldwide.

Gene Homicki
Original founder

Gene is the co-founder and CEO at myTurn. He is builds cutting edge technology solutions for sustainable and regenerative systems.

We bring collaboration and trust across the world

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